Furry Freebies: Bravecto

Furry Freebies: Bravecto

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In a world where less is increasingly viewed as more, media veterinarian and brand ambassador Dr Katrina Warren has officially launched Bravecto® in Australia, a revolutionary new treatment for dogs against fleas and deadly paralysis ticks that makes protecting man’s best friend dead easy.

Bravecto® represents a quantum leap forward in tick and flea protection. It is the first and only oral chew to deliver extended protection for three months against fleas and four months against paralysis ticks – all in a single chew.

Bravecto is available at leading vet clinics across Australia. Dog owners can register for the free Bravecto reminder email service at bravecto.com.au to ensure they don’t miss a dose. The free Bravecto reminder app is available for iOS and Android.

For more information, visit bravecto.com.au or facebook.com/Bravecto.


PETS has a one-year supply of Bravecto to give away.

All you need to do is write the name of the prize and why you and your pet would love to win it (in 25 words or less), along with your name, address and contact number on the BACK of an envelope. Send to Furry Freebies/PETS, Locked Bag 154, North Ryde NSW 1670.

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