6 Ways to Show Your Pet You Care

6 Ways to Show Your Pet You Care

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Show your dog you care with the ultimate pet date. We’ve put together some of our favourite date ideas!

  1. Take him somewhere nice
    Whether it’s a walk to a new beach or a ride in the car, most dogs love having some extra stimulation in their life.
  2. Make sure you bring a gift
    Just like on a human date, bringing a gift to your pooch shows you care. How long has it been since your doggy had a new toy?
  3. Dress up nice
    We’re not talking about you, silly, we’re talking about your pet! While some dogs don’t enjoy getting groomed, many love the extra attention.
  4. Dine with delight
    While any substantial changes to your dog’s diet should be done gradually in small increments, this can be a great opportunity to try a new treat or perhaps offer your dog a bone.
  5. Picnic play date
    Nothing says love like a picnic play date! Take advantage of the warmer weather and head out to a park with your furry friend.
  6. Listen
    There’s one thing everybody wants, and it’s simply to be listened to. Spend time with your pet — if they’re in need of a visit to the vet, take them.

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