Is Your Dog Barking Mad?

Is Your Dog Barking Mad?

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Repetitive barking can be a real problem for many dog owners.

If your dog is spending the days barking away, check that you’re ticking off all points on the below list:

  • Exercise. Dogs need exercise daily to ensure they don’t become bored. Have you taken your dog for a walk before you leave the house for work? Doing so can reduce problem barking.
  • Mental stimulation. As well as physical exercise, we need to make sure our dogs’ brains are exercised too to keep them from becoming bored and engaging in behaviour such as repetitive barking. Hold regular training sessions with your dog; teach it new skills; or even consider joining a dog sport club, such as agility or Treibball. This will help keep your dog mentally stimulated and prevent problem bark.
  • Don’t reward it. When your dog barks excessively, do you go outside and play with it or give it attention to try to stop the behaviour? If so you’re telling your pooch that if it wants your attention, all it has to do is bark until you come to hang out. Make sure you aren’t rewarding this action without realising it.

Of course, if you’re ticking all these boxes it may be that your dog has another reason for this frustrating behaviour. PETS recommends seeing an animal behaviour specialist for help, or, in the short-term, checking out the anti-bark spray collar from DLC. This product is 100 per cent safe for all dogs and uses a natural citronella spray to help calm your pet. The anti-bark spray collar kit includes the device, a nylon adjustable collar strap and a six-volt alkaline battery, as well as one citronella can refill so you’re ready to use it.

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