PETS 57: On Sale Now!

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Well, it’s official — the cool weather is officially here to stay!

Yes, winter is here, even though it seems like just yesterday that summer’s sun was keeping us warm as we lazed the afternoons away at the beach.
Winter means a change in not only temperature but care for our pets. I change the way I care for Berry and Danger during these colder months by taking several different measures:

  1. Both dogs wear winter jackets at night. At the moment, we’re loving the range from Dogue — so sweet!
  2. We walk later in the morning, avoiding the frosty pre-dawn temperature. Of course, with work and school this isn’t an option for everybody, so if you can’t get out later in the day during the week, make sure you go slowly at the start of your walks, warming your pet into the exercise, and take advantage of later starts on the weekend.
  3. The dog beds are packed with extra blankets to ensure they don’t get too cold at night. We also take extra care to supervise the dogs when we have our our heater on to ensure they don’t get too close and accidentally get burnt.


So that’s the majority of things we do — what about you? What do you do to keep your pet happy this winter? Make sure you jump on over to our Facebook page and let us know!

If you’re looking for some ideas, you can simply grab the latest issue and turn over to our Winter Care Tips feature. Or fascinate your friends and family with our four winter animal facts. We even have some expert tips on how to create an indoor obstacle course for your dog — you won’t miss the great outdoors when you have all this to keep you occupied! Of course, that’s not all we have in store for you this issue. We also examine the issue of barking — why do dogs do it and what do different barks mean? Plus, discover 10 different ways you can keep your pet healthy, and work out when your cat or dog is in pain.

So pick up a copy of your favourite magazine, give your pet a cuddle from us, and enjoy this issue of PETS.

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