Become a Wildlife Warrior

Become a Wildlife Warrior

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Join the likes of Bindi and Robert Irwin and prove your status as a wildlife warrior! 

Are you a passionate conservationist between the ages of five and 17? The Visionary Wildlife Warrior Awards recognise young conservationists for the vital contribution they make to our wildlife and wild places.

Last year’s submissions were so good that the competition resulted in a draw with two winners joining the ranks as Visionary Wildlife Warriors, seven year old Isaac Busuttil from Melbourne and 17 year old Mohammed Ayachi from Texas, USA.

To enter, submit a 200-500 word essay or a 60 second video presentation to demonstrate what you do for conservation in your local community to Your project should demonstrate creativity and a passion for conservation, wildlife and the environment through the things you do at home, school or anywhere else in your community.

Wildlife Warriors Bindi and Robert Irwin are calling on all young conservationists to become visionary warriors. “I feel inspired as I learn about the incredible work my fellow conservationists are doing and I’m truly proud of their contribution to wildlife and wild places,” said Bindi.

“It’s so important for young people to be involved in conservation projects and there are so many positive changes we can all make to help wildlife conservation, whether it’s planting a tree, picking up rubbish or keeping pets inside at night. Every little bit counts,” said Robert.

The winner will be announced in October and invited to attend the annual Steve Irwin Gala Dinner held in Brisbane in November.

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