Changing your dog’s diet

Changing your dog’s diet

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There are so many different pet food products out there on the market, so how are we supposed to know when we should be changing our pet’s diet?

  • Change in age. Dogs need to be fed food specific to their lifecycle. Puppies and seniors require different nutrients and specialised ingredients to regular adult dogs, so make sure you’re feeding your pet accordingly.
  • Change in activity level. Has your dog become more active? Or perhaps you no longer have time for that second walk and they’re beginning to put on a little weight? Before changing your pet’s diet to a weight-management or active-focused option, have a chat to your vet and make sure that what you’re doing is best for your four-legged friend. It may be that you need to feed one way in winter and another in summer as your pet’s activity levels increase and decrease.
  • Overall wellbeing. Is your pet’s coat looking a little lacklustre? Perhaps they’re not moving around as well as they usually do? Again, in consultation with your vet, a change in diet can help certain dogs when it comes to mobility and coat care. Vet-formulated foods can be more expensive but they have many benefits for your four-legged friend.
  • Current dissatisfaction. When was the last time you read the ingredients listed in your pet’s food? Check out the back of the packet and see just what it is that your furry friend is eating. Look for names you recognise and things you know dogs need, such as meats, and be wary of too many artificial ingredients. Maybe your pet could use a change in diet just to better improve its health.Genesis dog food

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