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These gorgeous felines make the perfect pet — if you’re prepared for the grooming requirements, that is. By Carrol Baker.

If there were a feline that should be sashaying up the catwalk it would be the glamorous Persian. With luxurious long silky fur and big expressive eyes, the breed is one of the most beautiful felines of the cat world, and one of the most popular breeds. Marion Cooper from Glevum Persian and Exotic Cats says the Persian is a sweet and gentle-natured cat. “They are so affectionate, and they also make great pets for kids, because they are happy to be lugged around,” says Marion with a smile.

Marion fell in love with Persians after she was given one as a pet; she’s now been breeding them for more than 40 years. As kittens, Persians are very playful; but as they grow and mature, they’re a little more laid-back, and happy to catnap in a warm sunny spot.



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