Australian Mist

Australian Mist

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With its short coat and sweet disposition, the Australian Mist was developed to be the perfect house cat, as Kristie Bradfield discovers.

Australia is home to many great things — Tim Tams, Ugg boots, koalas and Hugh Jackman, to name a few. But perhaps the most adorable Aussie (sorry, Hugh) is the Australian Mist. Now in its fourth decade of existence, this breed is gathering fans in all corners of the globe. So what is it about this cat that has the world hooked?

In 1977, Dr Truda Straede submitted a plan to the Royal Agricultural Society of New South Wales Cat Control (RASCC) to develop Australia’s first locally bred pedigree cat. In doing this, Dr Truda had a few goals in mind: she wanted to produce a spotted cat with a stable temperament that was content to be kept indoors.

Australian Mist breeder Patricia Beech says people quickly fall in love with this affectionate, playful breed. “These cats are people-orientated, gentle, intelligent, inquisitive, loyal, attention-seekers, playful and funny,” she says. “Australian Mists make excellent pets as they are very tolerant of handling and are not inclined to scratch.”

True to their nature, the breed is happy to be kept indoors. “Australian Mists were initially bred to remain indoors between dusk and dawn to protect the native wildlife,” Patricia explains. Not only is their living situation eco-friendly, but it’s safer for the cats, too, as Patricia explains: “The Australian Mist is so friendly, they are more likely to be stolen or be killed by vehicles, dog attacks, cat fights and cat-related deadly diseases.”

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