Top 10 tips for keeping you guinea pig happy

Top 10 tips for keeping you guinea pig happy

  1. Keep more than one
    Guinea pigs are very social animals, so keeping more than one is a good way to keep them cheery. In fact, in Switzerland it’s actually illegal to keep only one guinea pig.
  2. Make sure their cage is significantly sized
    The more space the better! Guinea pigs love to run around, and if you own more than one guinea pig you’re going to need even more space!
  3. Keep your guinea pig’s cage in a frequently used part of the house
    Your pet will love seeing you regularly and hearing your voice. Putting their cage in a spare room or a hidden corner of the house is a massive no-no. Try and avoid areas that are likely to have loud noises in them, as this will frighten your pet.
  4. Offer them healthy treats from time to time
    In small doses things like carrot and grapes will make your guinea pig very happy indeed. Careful not to go overboard on these sometimes foods though, as there can be side effects.
  5. Give them some toys to play with
    Guinea pigs are pretty curious creatures, and they will happily investigate any new addition to their cage. Cardboard tubes and boxes are a great and cheap way to keep them entertained.
  6. Let them out of their cage a few times each day
    Some of this time can be spent holding them, as this helps to socialise them, but otherwise just let them roam free, under supervision, to explore their surroundings.
  7. Keep them groomed
    Particularly if you have one of the stylish long-haired breeds, if you keep them looking prim and proper they’ll appreciate it. Brushing and nail clipping is the best way of doing this.
  8. Provide them with plenty of hay
    Guinea pigs positively love hay. Whether they’re eating it, or hiding beneath it, hay is their favourite substance. “Timothy hay” in particular is recommended for guinea pigs.
  9. Keep a regular schedule
    Guinea pigs are creatures of habit, so if you do everything for them around about the same time each day you’ll avoid stressing them out.
  10. Don’t pick them up out of their cage
    Try first to coax them out with food, then allowing them to come to you. Leave their cage as a safe space if they need to hide away and have some alone time for a bit.

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