Making changes to your dog’s diet

Making changes to your dog’s diet

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When it comes to making changes to your pet’s diet, occasions such as Christmas can be a good time.

Many of us take holidays from work or study at this time of year, so you can thoroughly monitor any change in your pet’s behaviour and toileting to ensure you don’t end up with a dog or cat with an upset stomach.

When introducing your pet to a new food, PETS recommends:

  • Going slow. Start by introducing a little of the new food with a lot of the old food. The next day, add a little more new, a little less old, and so on until you have more of the new product than old.
  • Monitor, monitor, monitor! It’s so important to make sure your dog or cat isn’t having any trouble toileting or is not producing loose stools as a result of a diet change. Equally as important is checking your pet’s weight — has the change in diet resulted in weight loss or perhaps gain? Monitor these key signs to help track whether the new food is the best choice for your pet.

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