PET-MAT small heating mat

PET-MAT small heating mat

As winter nears and the weather starts to get colder, we can always wear warm clothes or turn the heating up. But sometimes our animal friends aren’t so lucky – even with fur they can feel the cold easily, especially if they sleep near the ground. That’s where Pet-mat comes in.

Pet-mat is a heating pad that uses Positive Temperature Coefficient heating technology to create an cost effective, self-regulating, high-tech heating device perfect for keeping pets (particularly sick or arthritic animals) warm in all weather.

For more information, visit the Pet-mat website

PETS Magazine have two SMALL Pet-mats to give away (measuring 27.5cm x 20.5cm, suitable for guinea pigs, rabbits, mice, ferrets, or small kittens and puppies), valued at $94.50 each.

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  1. Faith
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    It says Answer Joseph Lyddy Oral Care Dental Sticks instead of Answer PET-MAT small heating mat. Just pointing that out.

    • Alex Dalland
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      Thank you for pointing that out Faith, we’ve fixed it up now 🙂

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