PETS 53: On Sale Now!

PETS 53: On Sale Now!

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Can you believe it’s Easter already? It seems like only yesterday I was sitting around the Christmas tree with Berry and Danger, and now we’re preparing for a few days of eating delicious treats and spending more time with the family.


One way we’re getting into the Easter spirit with the dogs is by holding an Easter Treat Hunt in our backyard. My husband and I will lock Berry and Danger inside while we plant some of their favourite love’em treats throughout the yard — in the grass, next to pot plants, on the stairs — and then we’ll let them loose to go and find them all. Not only is this a fun way to spend the morning together, it also helps them practise their scent work, exercising their brains as well as their legs. Sounds like a win all round, right?

Pets 53 cover

Pick up a copy of the mag for more fun ways you can show your pet you care without resorting to the toxic chocolate, which you should never let your pet near.

Easter also means public holidays, which means more time to spend out of the office with our furry friends. This season, Danger, Berry and I are determined to give the newest sporting craze to hit the dog world a go. Have you heard of treibball? Up until the end of 2015, we hadn’t, but now we can’t wait to get out there and give this activity a go. We think ball-crazy Berry will go nuts for it.

Of course, that’s not all we have in store for you this issue. We also look at some great places to take your dog out and about all throughout the country, and for those of you going away these holidays, check out Dr Katrina’s travel tips. We also have some fun breed features on the Korat, Chihuahua, Muscovy duck and more, so there’s bound to be something to suit your interests.

So sit back with a piece of chocolate (in preparation for the Easter treats ahead) and enjoy this issue of PETS.

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