How to help your pet lose winter weight

How to help your pet lose winter weight

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As winter fades behind us and we enter the warmer part of the year, chances are your furry friend has put on a few extra kilos over the course of the frostier days.

If your pet seems keen to get back to their old ready-for-anything shape, follow our tips to help them lose those extra pounds.

Remember to always check with your vet before you make a big change to your pet’s routine or lifestyle.

  • Change of diet
    We aren’t talking about smaller portions here as we definitely wouldn’t want your pet to go hungry. What you might consider is switching their food to one which will help them lose the winter bulge. There are a number of pet foods on the market designed to help lose weight, especially for dogs and cats, and your vet may be able to recommend you a particularly effective and tasty one.
    If a change in food regime is something your vet gives the green light for, try and do it gradually, weening your pet off the food they’re used to and replacing it with the new one. Avoiding as many sudden changes as possible is always the way to go when dealing with creatures of habit.
  • Increase exercise
    Taking your pooch for a second walk, or increasing the time you play with your cat can help them burn off some of that unused energy. During the cold of winter outdoor activities can seem more than a little unattractive, but welcome to spring! It’s a wonderful time to be outside, as your pet will more than likely agree.
    Just like our pets, humans may accrue a few extra kilos over winter, which is totally fine and to be expected, but if you’re looking for an opportunity to bring yourself back to where you were beforehand, this is a good chance to do that while also improving your pet’s health and wellbeing.
  • Slow down meals
    Have you ever eaten so quickly at a restaurant that your stomach doesn’t even realise it’s full until you’ve eaten way more than you need? The same phenomenon applies to your pets – if they scoff their food they may end up over-eating. Consider using a device designed for the slow release of food, such as a KONG. These devices benefit your pet two-fold, firstly as a stimulating mind exercise, and secondly by only releasing a small amount of food at time they ensure your pet doesn’t over eat, putting them on their way to working off all that winter puppy fat.


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