Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Mau

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With a playful personality and gorgeous looks, the Egyptian Mau makes a very appealing pet. By Carrol Baker.

This dashing and agile feline would probably be right at home wearing a mask and flowing cape. The Egyptian Mau is super-cute, super-agile and super-fast. It can effortlessly reach top speeds of almost 50km/h, making it the fastest kitty cat in the world.

But there’s a whole lot more to this cat than speed and stamina. Breeder Cara Cassar from MisrMau Cattery describes them as playful and very loving. “Yes, they certainly are fast on their feet, but they are also very social and want to be part of everything that you do,” she says.

The Egyptian Mau loves cuddles and a daytime snooze, but action is definitely this feline’s middle name. It’s one of the few breeds that can be taught to walk on lead (but with your Mau zooming along beside you, it might be more of a jog than a walk!).

Cara has been breeding Maus for five years. She discovered them on the internet and with an interest in Egypt, was intrigued by the mysterious, regal-looking cat. “My very first cat’s name is Isis — she waits at the door for me to come home and if one of the other cats is sitting on my knee, she’ll come and sit right on top of them,” says Cara.

These cats certainly do become besotted with their families. Cara says when she takes a shower, there are three pairs of pussy-cat eyes looking down at her from above. “One at a time they come down for a cuddle and a play in the water — kittens too are running around my feet while I’m in the shower,” she says.



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