How to keep your pet safe this Easter

How to keep your pet safe this Easter

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Many people celebrate Easter with family gatherings, big lunches and trips away over the long weekend. The furry, four-legged and feathery members of our families have very different needs and requirements when it comes to keeping them safe, especially over Easter when they are more exposed to toxins and hazards. Here are a few quick tips to helping your pets stay safe this Easter.

  1.  Remove the chocolate temptation
    A lot of us find it difficult to resist the temptation of chocolate, and the same goes for our petss. Unfortunately chocolate, as delicious as it may be, is poisonous to animals, especially dogs. Even the smallest piece of chocolate is enough to make them sick and can cause serious health problems. Remove the temptation of chocolate by keeping it out of sight and reach of your pets. If you’re having guests over or you’re heading out to a picnic, make sure everyone around understands your animals can’t eat any.
    Caffinated drinks, lollies as well as alcohol and the dried fruit in hot cross buns are also poisonous to dogs so clean up any spills that occur before your dog has the chance to lap them up.
  2. Hazardous toys
    Watch for any hazardous, small toys your pets may receive this Easter. Many plastic eggs are small enough for larger animals like dogs and cats to swallow or break apart into dangerous plastic pieces. If you have any decorations around the house, make sure they’re out of reach so your pets can get their paws on them.
  3. Overindulging on Easter lunch
    It’s always nice when our petss can join us for lunch, whether it’s a family picnic lunch or a lunch party at home, but it’s not always healthy for them. Poisonous foods aren’t the only thing to watch out for – be careful not to overfeed your pets. Ask that everyone refrain from feeding them something under the table or scrap bits after lunch so they don’t end up putting on weight. We all know how easy it is to give in to those puppy dog eyes but you’ll need to show some restraint! Try giving your dog a long-chew treat, your cat a toy she loves and your guinea pigs some delicious greens to munch on. These will keep them distracted from the tempting people food.
  4. A weekend away
    If you’re planning to go away over the Easter long weekend, make sure you’ve thought about what happens with your pets. Do they spend the weekend in a kennel/ holding facility? Does someone babysit them? Or, do they come with you? If you’re bringing pets along, make sure your destination is pet-friendly. Pack a bed, lead, toys, food and plenty of fresh drinking water. And don’t forget those poop bags!

Happy Easter!

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