Hiccup: one pretty cool pig

Hiccup: one pretty cool pig

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Lola made a special friend in Hiccup, a pig who thinks she’s a dog

Yes, Hiccup is a pig. She is five weeks old and she belongs to my aunties, but I love her as though she was my own. Hiccup was bred to be someone’s dinner and made a lucky escape from the freezer. At the farm where Hiccup was born, they used a pool net; whatever pig was caught, my aunties would take home. When my aunties brought her home she was completely wild! No one could hold Hiccup or even pat her. If you tried to touch her, she would bite you. Not only that, but she screamed and squealed all day long!

She was only quiet when you gave her a warm bottle of milk. My aunties thought they had made a huge mistake but if they’d left her in that farm she would have become someone’s dinner. No matter how bad her behavior, they just couldn’t resist her cuteness. They named her Hiccup because once upon a time she was a huge hiccup in their plans.

In the last two weeks, Hiccup has come a long way from wild. She thinks she is a dog because Cammi and Wendy (my aunties) have three dogs and always seem to be dog-sitting. We took her into town once and she was hilarious, nudging her little rubbery nose into everyone`s hands, running from one person to another, having a ball.

When we’re at the farm, Hiccup follows me everywhere I go. And I’m the only one who can hold her and make her quiet. I can’t wait to see her again, because sadly I don’t live with my aunties. Next time I see her she will probably weigh over 200 kilos! No, she isn’t a teacup pig, she is an apple sauce-loving normal pig. Her favourite activity, apart from loving me, is a forest walk. I wonder if she will remember me next time I see her?

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